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Paccar PX-6 Engine Service Manual


Paccar PX-6 Engine Service Manual
Paccar PX-6 Engine Service Manual

Factory printed engine service manual to cover service, mechanical diagnostics, repair and overhaul.  Allows technicians to follow Paccar approved procedures. If you’re performing any mechanical work on this Paccar engine, this is the manual you need.  It will provide the information needed to properly diagnose and repair.  Since it is the factory manual, there is none better.

PACCAR PX-6 Fault Code Manual


Paccar PX-6 Engine Service Manual

Table of Contents

  • Torque specifications
  • Valve lash specifications
  • Engine Identification, Specifications & Capacities
  • Engine Disassembly & Assembly (includes torque specs & sequence)
  • Cylinder Block (Inc. crankshaft, cam, rods, pistons, liners, gears, bearings, vibration damper)
  • Cylinder Head (cleaning, inspection, overhaul, etc.)
  • Rocker Lever
  • Cam Follower
  • Fuel System (R&I Bosch & Denso pumps, general info, transfer pump, fuel shut-off info
  • Injectors (testing & repairing, fuel line info)
  • Lube Oil System (Pan, pump, regulator, by-pass, T-stat, cooler, filter head, etc.)
  • Cooling System (Filter shut-off valve, T-stat, belts, fan hub, pressure cap, water pump)
  • Drive Units (general info, adapter, disassembly & assembly)
  • Intake System (Turbo, intercooler, intake manifold, general info)
  • Exhaust System (exhaust manifold, stud replacement, general info)
  • Air System (general info & air compressor)
  • Electrical Equipment (alternator & starter inspection only; excludes wire diagram)
  • Engine Testing & Run-In (dyno testing, storage, etc.)
  • Instruments & Controls
  • Mounting Adaptations (front support bracket, flex plate, flywheel, etc.
  • Specifications & Torque Values (torques & specs for electrical, cooling, belts, fuel, lubrication systems, etc
  • Vehicle Braking (general info)
  • Component Manufacturers

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Paccar PX-6 Engine Service Manual


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Paccar PX-6 Engine Service Manual