About Us

TruckManuals.com was founded on the principal of providing quality technical information to the professional heavy-duty truck technicians. The best source for this information is the factory technical manuals that are printed by the various engine, transmission, truck, etc. manufacturers. These are the same manuals that are use by the factory & dealer technicians.

Why not own the best manuals available? Factory manuals vastly outperform any of the aftermarket manuals on the market. Factory manuals pay for themselves after only a few uses & continue to pay for themselves for years to come.

When it comes to electronic diagnostics or engine / fuel controls testing these factory manuals have hundreds to thousands of pages to help the professional technician. They provide step-by-step testing that allows you finish the job quickly & properly. All of this quality information is designed to minimize your diagnostic & repair time and increase your cash flow.

Coverage includes:

Truck Manufacturers / BodiesĀ 
Brakes & ABS Systems