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Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic Manual CM2150

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Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Fault Code Manual CM2150.  Laminated to allow for repeated use.

Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic Manual CM2150

Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Fault Code Manual CM2150

Factory printed manual.  Factory Cummins ISB, ISC & ISL electronic engine control system service manual.  Allows technicians to follow Cummins approved diagnostic procedures.

When it comes to diagnosing and fixing the sophisticated engine systems of today’s diesel vehicles, having accurate and reliable information is crucial.  For diesel technicians and engine mechanics, the Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic Manual CM2150 is an invaluable tool that offers a comprehensive guide to maintaining the performance and reliability of Cummins engines.

Unveiling The Essential Diagnostic Companion

Cummins engines are renowned for their robustness and advanced technology, which powers some of the most demanding heavy-duty vehicles on the road.  The Cummins ISB, ISC, and ISL engines are workhorses known for their durability and efficiency.  However, when troubleshooting and repair become necessary, you need a trusted source of information that aligns with Cummins’ approved diagnostic procedures.  This is where the CM2150 Electronic Diagnostic / Fault Code Manual becomes an indispensable asset.

The Professional’s Choice for Engine Diagnostics

The factory-printed CM2150 manual is tailor-made to ensure diesel technicians have access to the latest, most accurate diagnostic procedures recommended by Cummins.  This manual covers a wide range of topics essential for comprehensive diagnostics and effective repairs including:

  • In-depth analysis of electrical circuitry
  • Detailed troubleshooting processes
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance guides
  • Instructions on using diagnostic software and tools effectively
Why Every Diesel Mechanic Needs This Manual

Diesel mechanics are often challenged with complex electronic control systems that require precise understanding.  In this landscape of high-tech engines, guesswork simply doesn’t cut it.  The Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL CM2150 manual provides a systematic approach, facilitating a quicker, more efficient resolution to engine issues.  It ensures that your service aligns with manufacturer specifications, reducing the risk of further damage or malfunction.

Benefits of the Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Diagnostic Manual:
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Follow Cummins-approved procedures that simplify the troubleshooting process.
  • Accuracy: Ensure your diagnostic results align with factory standards to avoid misdiagnosis.
  • Save Time: Access to the right information means faster diagnosis and precision in repairs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reliable repairs translate to happier customers and repeat business.
How To Use The CM2150 Manual Effectively

The Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL CM2150 is intuitively organized, guiding the user from general information to specific diagnostic codes and procedures.  Use the index to identify the relevant sections for your current job, and let the detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions direct your next moves.  A good practice is to read through the related section completely before beginning the diagnosis or repair process.

Keeping Up With Advancements

The field of diesel engine technology is continuously evolving, and staying ahead means being up-to-date with the latest diagnostic methods.  The Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Manual is updated regularly to reflect these changes, ensuring that diesel technicians have current knowledge at their fingertips.

Final Thoughts

In the digital age, the right information is a powerful tool.  For mechanics dealing with Cummins engines, the Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic Manual CM2150 is more than just another manual; it’s a pathway to mastery in the art of diesel engine diagnostics.  Digitalization is also enhancing accessibility, allowing technicians to consult the manual via laptops and mobile devices directly on the shop floor.

Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic Manual CM2150

Engines: ISB, ISC, ISL
Control Module: CM2150

The control system utilizes a number of sensors to provide information about the engine operating parameters. These sensors include:

  • Engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Intake manifold air temperature/pressure sensor
  • Engine oil pressure sensor
  • Engine speed sensor
  • Camshaft position sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Rail fuel pressure sensor
  • Water-in-fuel sensor
  • Exhaust gas re-circulation sensor (EGR) temperature sensor.
  • Exhaust gas pressure sensor.
  • EGR differential pressure sensor.
  • Turbocharger speed sensor.
  • Turbocharger compressor inlet air temperature sensor
  • Accelerator pedal/lever position sensors
  • Engine brake selector switches
  • Engine coolant level sensor
  • Vehicle speed sensors
  • Feature control switches (i.e. cruise control switches)
  • Fan control switch
  • Air conditioner pressure switch
  • Remote accelerator
  • Remote power-take-off (PTO)

The control system also monitors the following sensors in the aftertreatment system:

  • Aftertreatment diesel oxidation catalyst inlet temperature sensor
  • Aftertreatment diesel particulate filter inlet temperature sensor
  • Aftertreatment diesel particulate filter outlet temperature sensor
  • Aftertreatment diesel particulate filter differential pressure sensor


  • Engine & Engine Control System Identification
  • Familiarization w/ Engine Control Systems
  • Troubleshooting Fault Codes & Diagnostic Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Symptoms (including new format)
  • Fault Code List
  • Electronic Engine Controls
  • Specifications 

Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic / Fault Code Manual CM2150


Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without prior notice

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Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL Electronic Diagnostic Manual CM2150
Original price was: $545.95.Current price is: $525.95.