Cummins ISLe CM2150 Laminated Wire Diagram


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Cummins ISLe CM2150 Laminated Wire Diagram

Factory printed Cummins wire diagram.


Cummins ISLe CM2150 Laminated Wire Diagram
Cummins ISLe CM2150 Wire Diagram Includes:
  • ECM pin locations
  • Wire diagram (color-coded)
  • Connectors
  • Each controlled or controlling sensor, etc.
  • Cummins responsibility & truck manufacturer responsibility connections
  • Electrical specifications & reading parameters (volts-amps-ohm readings)
  • Fault codes, fault reasons, fault effects

Laminated surface allows for the use of erasable marker to make notes while performing diagnostics which can be erased when finished.

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While this is a factory manual, we are not representing to be an agent of this manufacturer


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