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Cummins ISC/ISL Wiring Diagram CM2150


Cummins ISC/ISL Wiring Diagram CM2150

Cummins ISC/ISL Wiring Diagram CM2150

Printed by Cummins.  Laminated fold-out factory wire diagram for the engine control system for this Cummins engine.  Includes specifications, & fault code info.

Whether you are chasing fault codes or ECM wiring issues related to the electronic controls, this factory laminated wire diagram is a real lifesaver.  Wire diagrams are color coded for ease of use.

For fault codes it provides info to help in repairing the fault code.  For electronic control issues it provides information such as ohms, volts and the steps for troubleshooting & repairing each problem.

Since it is laminated, it is easy to keep clean and increases its life.

Cummins ISC/ISL Wiring Diagram CM2150

Control Module:


Contents of this wire diagram include:

• ECM pin locations
• Wire diagram (color-coded)
• Connectors
• Each controlled or controlling sensor, etc.
Cummins responsibility & truck manufacturer responsibility connections
• Electrical specifications & reading parameters (volts-amps-ohm readings)
• Fault codes, fault reasons, fault effects


Laminated surface allows for the use of erasable marker to make notes while performing diagnostics which can be erased when finished.


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Cummins ISC/ISL Wiring Diagram CM2150