Caterpillar 3406E ECM Schematic (CPD/8YF/EGH/1MM/2KS/2WS/3CS/6NZ/7CZ/9NZ)


Caterpillar 3406E ECM Schematic (CPD/8YF/EGH/1MM/2KS/2WS/3CS/6NZ/7CZ/9NZ)
Factory Caterpillar 3406E ECM schematic for Cat C10, C12, C15, C16 & 3406E engines.
Print version.  This is a fold out Caterpillar C-10/C-12/C15/C16 & 3406E Engine Wire Diagram Set. Wire diagram set for Cat engines w/ serial prefix of CPD, 8YF, EGH, 1MM, 2KS, 2WS, 3CS, 6NZ, 7CZ, 9NZ.  Shows all wiring from ECM to all devices controlled by or sending information to the ECM. Includes voltage or resistance readings.
This wire diagram is printed on special material to resist wear & shop use.


Caterpillar 3406E ECM Schematic includes:

  • Wire diagram
  • Wire colors
  • ECM pin numbers & location
  • Sensor torques
  • Fault codes
  • Test procedures
Caterpillar 3406E ECM Schematic (CPD/8YF/EGH/1MM/2KS/2WS/3CS/6NZ/7CZ/9NZ)
For engines with serial numbers: CPD, 8YF, EGH, 1MM, 2KS, 2WS, 3CS, 6NZ, 7CZ, 9NZ

Caterpillar C10, C12, C15, C16

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