Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000


Print version. OEM factory  Navistar DT466E & 530E electronic diagnostics & troubleshooting manual. Covers: 1997 thru 2000 model years. Use for engine serial numbers 1075289 thru 1194038.

Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000

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Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000
Navistar DT466E & 530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000
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Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000.  OEM factory Navistar electronic diagnostics & troubleshooting manual.
  • Engine models: DT466 & 530E
  • Engine serial numbers: 1075289 thru 1194038
  • Model years: 1997-2000
Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000
Coverage includes:
  • Fuel System Fuel Flow
  • Injection Control Pressure System
  • HEUI Injector Operation
  • Electronic Control Module
  • Engine & Vehicle Sensors
  • Vehicles Features


  •  Electronic Governor Control
  • ATA Data Link Provisions
  • Service Diagnostics
  • Electronic Speedometer & Tachometer
  • Engine Over Temperature Protection System
  • Event Logging System
  • Engine Crank Inhibit
  • Electronic Accelerator Pedal
  • Cold Ambient Protection
  • Change Oil Lamp


  • Cruise Control
  • Engine Speed Control for PTO
  • Road Limiting / Governor
  • Body Equipment Manufacturers Provisions
  • Engine Warning System
  • Engine Shutdown System
  • Idle Shutdown
  • Electronic Pressure Governor
  • Engine Fan Control
  • Electronically Controlled Radiator Shutters

Diagnostic Software Operation

  •  Diagnostic Trouble Code Detection & Procedures
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Tests

Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000

Hard Start / No Start Diagnostics

  •  Fuel Check
  • Engine Systems Check
  • Engine Oil Check
  • Intake / Exhaust Restriction Check
  • EST Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • EST Key On Engine Off Standard Test
  • EST Key On Engine OFF Injector Test
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • EST Data List
  • ECM Voltage Test
  • Engine Cranking Test
  • Injection Control Pressure Test
  • Engine Cranking Test
  • Injection Control Pressure Test
  • Low ICP Pressure Test
  • Fuel Pump Pressure Test

Performance Diagnostics

  1. Engine Oil Check
  2. Fuel Pressure Test
  3. Transfer Pump Restriction Test
  4. EST Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  5. EST Engine Off Standard & Injector Test
  6. STI Button, Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  7. Intake Restriction Test
  8. EST Engine Running Standard & Injector Test
  9. Fuel Pressure Test, Full Load
  10. ICP Pressure Test
  11. Boost Pressure Test
  12. Crankcase Pressure Test
  13. Wastegate Actuator Test
  14. Exhaust Restriction Test
  15. Valve Clearance Test

Navistar DT466E/530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000

Performance Specifications

Sensor & Actuator Locations

Diagnostic Procedures for the Electronic Control System

Circuit Function & Diagnostics

  1. Accelerator Position Sensor & Idle Validation
  2. ATA Communications
  3. Barometric Pressure Sensor
  4. Brake Switch Circuits
  5. Camshaft Position Sensor
  6. Change Oil Lamp
  7. Electronic Control Module Power Supply
  8. ECM Self Test
  9. Electronic Pressure Governor
  10. Engine Coolant Level System
  11. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
  12. Engine Crank Inhibit System
  13. Engine Data Line w/ Allison Transmission
  14. Engine Diagnostic Switch & Engine Warning Light
  15. Engine Fan Control
  16. Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
  17. Engine Oil Temp. Sensor Idle Shutdown Timer
  18. Injection Control Pressure Sensor
  19. Injector Drive Circuits
  20. Injection Pressure Regulator
  21. Injection Pressure Regulation System
  22. Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  23. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
  24. Oil Water Lamp & Engine Warning & Protection System
  25. Radiator Shutter Enable
  26. Remote Accelerator Position Sensor
  27. Remote PTO Speed Control
  28. Speed Control Command Switches
  29. Tachometer Output Circuit
  30. Two speed Axle Speedometer Circuit
  31. Vehicle Retarder
  32. Voltage Reference
  33. Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal

Diagnostic Analysis Procedures

Diagnosing Scuffed Injectors

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Navistar DT466E & 530E Electronic Diagnostic Manual 1997-2000



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