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Caterpillar 3116/3126 ECM Wire Diagram (8WL/1WM/4ES/2CW)


Factory Cat 3116 (electronically controlled engine) ECM Wire Diagram for engine serial numbers 8WL, 1WM, 4ES, 2CW.

Caterpillar 3116/3126 ECM Wire Diagram (8WL/1WM/4ES/2CW)

This factory printed Caterpillar 3116/3126 ECM wire diagram is printed by the Caterpillar print shop so you can be sure the information is correct.  For use with engine serial code prefix options 8WL, 1WM, 4ES, 2CW.  If you are performing any repair or overhaul on this Cat engine, you need the proper information in order to ensure you can perform the job correctly.

Caterpillar 3116/3126 ECM Wire Diagram
Engine S/N Prefixes: WL, 1WM, 4ES, 2CW

Coverage includes:
  • Wiring from ECM to injectors, sensors, etc.
  • Diagnostic tips
  • Fault codes
  • Sensor testing


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  1. Factory printed manuals
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Caterpillar 3116/3126 ECM Wire Diagram (8WL/1WM/4ES/2CW)

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Caterpillar 3116/3126 ECM Wire Diagram (8WL/1WM/4ES/2CW)