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Caterpillar 3176B/C-10/C-12/3406E Wire Schematic (5EK, 9CK, 1YN, 2PN, 6TS)


Caterpillar Wire Schematic.  Printed on special material to ensure many years of use.

Engine coverage: 3176B / C-10 / C-12 / 3406E

Engine Serial Code Prefixes: 5EK / 9CK / 1YN / 2PN / 6TS

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Caterpillar 3176B C-10 C-12 3406E Wire Schematic 5EK, 9CK, 1YN, 2PN, 6TS

Print version.  This is a fold out Caterpillar 3176B, C-10, C-12 & 3406E Wire Diagram Set.

Wire diagram set for Cat engines w/ serial prefix of 5EK, 9CK, 1YN, 2PN & 6TS.

Shows all wiring from ECM to all devices controlled by or sending information to the ECM. Includes voltage or resistance readings.

Printed on special material to resist wear & shop use.

Caterpillar 3176B/C-10/C-12/3406E Wire Schematic (5EK/9CK/1YN/2PN/6TS)


1. Wire diagram
2. Wire colors
3. ECM pin numbers & location
4. Sensor torques
5. Fault codes
6. Test procedures

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