Paccar RMI


Paccar RMI was formerly known as “Rapido”. At the end of 2020 the Rapido name has been retired, going forward it will now be referred to as Paccar RMI.

If you are using Davie 4 and get a message “Complete this task in RMI” or “Open RMI to complete this test” you will need to purchase a Paccar RMI subscription. Included with the Paccar RMI subscription is a new ePortal username and password.


Paccar RMI requires a separate ePortal account that has been granted access. When you log in with this username and password, you will have access to the service tab of ePortal, and from there you are able to go into the RMI web application.

RMI includes access to complete fault code troubleshooting, symptom troubleshooting, wire diagrams, torque specs, parts information, and more.

Currently, as an IO (independent operator), you can request full access to Paccar RMI – Both Parts and
Service information.

In the future, as an IO (independent operator), you can request access to DAF RMI in three different

  1. Full access to RMI – Both Parts and Service information
  2. RMI Parts – Only Parts information
  3. RMI Service – Only Service information

The differences between the types of access are described in the table below:

Paccar RMI