Paccar PX-7 Engine Service Manual


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Factory produced PX-7 service manual in CD format.  This manual offers complete coverage for the mechanical service, maintenance & repair areas of this engine.  No matter the task you are performing on this engine, it will provide the guidance & specifications to perform your work correctly the first time.  These manuals are the same that are used by the factory & dealers, so you can be assured that this is the most accurate information possible.





Table of Contents
  •  Engine Identification, Specifications & Capacities
  • Engine Disassembly & Assembly (inc. torque specs & sequence)
  • Cylinder Block (Inc. crankshaft, cam, rods, pistons, liners, gears, bearings, vibration damper)
  • Cylinder Head (cleaning, inspection, overhaul, etc.)
  • Rocker Lever
  • Cam Follower
  • Fuel System (R&I pumps, general info, transfer pump, fuel shut-off info)
  • Injectors (testing & repairing, fuel line info)
  • Lube Oil System (Pan, pump, regulator, by-pass, T-stat, cooler, filter head, etc.)
  • Cooling System (Filter shut-off valve, T-stat, belts, fan hub, pressure cap, water pump)
  • Drive Units (general info, adapter, disassembly & assembly)
  • Intake System (Turbo, intercooler, intake manifold, general info)
  • Exhaust System (exhaust manifold, stud replacement, general info)
  • Air System (general info & air compressor)
  • Electrical Equipment (alternator & starter inspection only; excludes wire diagram)
  • Engine Testing & Run-In (dyno testing, storage, etc.)
  • Instruments & Controls
  • Mounting Adaptations (front support bracket, flexplate, flywheel, etc.)
  • Specifications & Torque Values (torques & specs for electrical, cooling, belts, fuel, etc)
  • Vehicle Braking (general info)
  • Component Manufacturers

PX-7 service manual CD-ROM orders may take up to 48 hours to ship.

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