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PACCAR MX engine factory diagnostic software & hardware package.  Covers Paccar MX engines thru present model year.  Davie 4 software is installed & authorized prior to shipment to your location.  Ready to use once it arrives at your location.  Paccar technical support provided at no extra charge

Paccar MX4 Fleet Software consists of:

  • PACCAR Davie 4 Software Subscription (installed & authorized)
  • Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 (no scratches or dents, 1 year warranty)

(Customer supplies interface)


  • Perform and read all diagnostic tests
  • Enable Progressive Shifting
  • Enable Park Brake Reset
  • Enable Air Temp Idle Timer Override
  • Idle Time In PTO Mode
  • Enable Clutch Pedal Position Timer Reset Condition
  • Time Remaining To Shut Down After EIST Warning
  • Enable Accelerator Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Foot Brake Position (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable Clutch Pedal (as timer reset condition)
  • Enable EIST in PTO mode
  • Read, reload & download all snapshot & trip reports
  • Read all chart recorder items
  • Read & clear all fault codes
  • Adjust road speed (Paccar charges a fee per truck)
  • Download all log files into Excel or PDF files
  • Particulate Trap Regeneration
  • Limitations:

    Cannot install software to reprogram engines

    O/S: Win 7 Pro or Win 10 Pro 


    1. Only for sale to end-user. PACCAR requires company name, owner/principal name, address & phone number to process this order. Place info in comment section when placing order.

    2.  USBLink2 is the only interface approved for use with the Davie 4

    3. Davie 4 requires internet connection while in use.

    4. Payments using wire transfer save you $135.00.

    5. Shipping will incur an additional charge above the amount shown at check-out; varying by weight & destination


    PACCAR reserves the right to change / update software or hardware without prior notice.

    • PACCAR Davie 4 Diagnostic Software/Laptop Package


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