Kenworth T370 Service Manual

This manual is no longer available in print form. Please contact your local
dealer to have them provide a log in account that will allow you to see
your service manual.

This is a great factory service manual for the Kenworth T370, which includes all the information as noted below.  This manual comes to you in a secure log-on & password.  A wonderful space saver, no longer do you need to find extra book shelf space for this service manual.  It includes the information needed to properly maintain, service, repair & overhaul this truck, except for non-PACCAR engines, which is ordered separately.

Kenworth Service Manual Chapters

  1. Introduction
  2. Hubs, Wheels & Tires
  3. Front Axle
  4. Rear Axle
  5. Brakes
  6. Air System
  7. Main Transmission
  8. Auxiliary Transmission & Transfer Case
  9. Clutch
  10. Driveshaft
  11. Frame
  12. Cab
  13. Cooling System
  14. Engine (Engine manual must be ordered separately)
  15. Instrumentation
  16. Electrical / Wiring
  17. Steering
  18. Suspension
  19. Lubrication & Filters
  20. Miscellaneous
  21. Noise Control System

Fulfillment time 1-2 weeks.

Kenworth reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.



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