Isuzu IDSS Software Update


Isuzu IDSS Software Update

Isuzu IDSS Software Update

Factory 6 month subscription renewal for the Isuzu electronic diagnostic system used on Isuzu Commercial trucks aka Isuzu IDSS Software Update. This subscription allows for unlimited downloads for 6 months.  Software will continue to operate normally once the subscription has expired.

Special Note: This subscription update is specifically for use with Isuzu IDSS interface only.
If you are using Isuzu IDSS software with either:
– Nexiq USB Link 2
– Noregon JPRO DLA 2.0
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Model Years: 1996 thru present model year

Model Coverage:
  • NPR (gas & diesel)*
  • NQR /NRR*
  • FSR / FTR / FVR*
  • 4HE-1*
  • 4HK-1 Duramax engine*
  • 4JJ-1
  • 6HK-1 Duramax engine*

Also covers GMC & Chevrolet equivalent trucks

Module Coverage:
  • ECM (engine control module)
  • TCM (transmission control module)
  • ABS (anti-lock brake system)
  • BCM (body control module)
Allows technicians to:
  • Reset injector codes into the ECM when injectors are replaced
  • Reprogram ECM units (all ECM files are in your computer)
  • Adjust idle speed (6HK engine only)
  • Control emergency engine shutdown due to:
    • Engine temperature
    • Oil pressure
    • Oil level
    • Coolant level
    • Engine overspeed
    • High exhaust temperature
    • Overspeed
    • High EGR temperature
  • PTO set-up control **
  • Adjust vehicle limit
  • Exhaust brake mode adjust to:
    • Manual
    • Coast
    • Latch position
    • Cruise control options
      • Lock-out (driver cannot engage)
      • Minimum speed
      • Maximum speed
      • Relaxed cruise control (allows speed to vary by 5 mph to minimize transmission wear)
    • Engage/disengage engine oil change lamp
    • PTO set-up control **
      • Stationary operation
      • Mobile operation
      • Remote PTO operation including speed adjustment
      • Allow DPF regeneration while using PTO
  • View fault codes & assist links to wire diagrams & fault code solving procedures
  • View Service Manuals
  • View Wire Diagrams
  • View Technical Service Bulletins
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration
  • Allows for 24/7 download of latest Isuzu Truck updates on ECM updates, latest TSBs, file changes and more (with active subscription)

**2005 & newer Isuzu truck wire harnesses are built with PTO installation in mind.  All necessary plugs are located throughout the vehicle and are pre-connected to the ECM.  This facilitates the installation & use of a PTO.  The IDSS allows the technician to make PTO settings through the ECM.  This allows for a clean, professional installation .

O/S: WIN 7 & Win 10

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