Deutz Serdia Software and Interface


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This is the Deutz Serdia software and hardware package for Deutz electronically controlled engines. This is the complete factory software & hardware package (laptop computer is not included).  It is the same equipment that is used by factory technicians.  If you are servicing Deutz engines, this is the most in-depth tool you can use.


This Package Includes:

  • Software
  • Interface
  • Connector
  • Cables
  • User Guide
  • Fault Code Manual

Deutz Serdia Software Capability:

Editing the Engine Settings

  1. Fuel System Overview
  2. EGR Flap
  3. IQA code
  4. Injector Switch Off
  5. Compression Test
  6. Oil Change

Engine Speed Adjustments, Accelerator Pedal

  1. Constant Speed
  2. Limp Home Speed
  3. Low Idle Speed
  4. Droop
  5. Accelerator Pedal

Exhaust Aftertreatment

  1. Filter Maintenance
  2. EGR Actuator Reset
  3. CRT Service
  4. DPF Burner Overview & Service
  5. Supply Module DPF
  6. Air Pump DFP
  7. Spark DPF
  8. SCR Test Functions
  9. SCR End of Line

DPF Service Routines


  1. A55 Input Test
  2. NOx Sensor Change
  3. EGR Cooler Change


  1. Counter & EEPROM
  2. Sensors
  3. Assembly Inspections
  4. Installation Tests
  5. Input Test
  6. Output Test
  7. Historical Data
  8. Trip Recorder
  9. Start-Up Checklist
  10. Electronic Interface
  11. Regeneration Control
  12. DPF
  13. CAN Monitor
  14. DEF Level Monitoring

We can supply laptop computers, if needed.



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