Detroit Diesel Power Service Literature (Engine Only)


! Engine coverage for Detroit engines only !


Detroit Diesel Power Service Literature (PSL) provides a dynamic, accurate, an up-to-date service library of dealer level documentation.

What is Power Service Literature?


Power Service Literature, or PSL for short, is Detroit Diesel’s online database of service information. PSL includes detailed parts catalogs and a massive selection of service manuals.

Coverage includes:


Once you’re logged in to the online portal finding the information you’re looking for is a fairly straightforward process. On the left hand side you can navigate to the specific series and model you are working on. For this example, let’s click on the 60 Series.


Once you’ve clicked on Series 60, it will open up a pane in the lower left side of the screen that shows the different chapters you can view. From there you can choose a chapter and go straight to that information. Let’s view the exhaust system information.



Now, after just a few clicks, you are viewing exhaust manifold information for the Series 60 engine. What really makes PSL such a powerful resource is that you can download, print, or email any photos or PDF files you find in PSL.


Excelerator Parts

If you’re looking for parts, enter your engine serial number and hit go. Excelerator will do a deep search and give you a complete list of parts and components.

Wiring Schematics

PSL also includes access to a large library of electrical wiring schematics. All of the wiring schematics are high resolution photos that can easily be downloaded, printed, or emailed. Perfect for your mechanics to print and reference.


Fault Code Troubleshooting


Fault code troubleshooting is also included with PSL. You can find a specific fault code for your engine and aftertreatment system, pull it up, and then get a step by step checklist to help with your troubleshooting procedure.


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