Detroit DD13 / DD15 Full Service Manual Set (CD-ROM Format)


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Full Detroit Diesel DD13 and DD15 service manual set in CD-ROM format.  This service manual set contains critical information such as: torque specifications and valve lash specifications.

The contents of the CD-ROM are broken down into various sections:

  • TMDD0080  General Info
  • TMDD0081  Engine / Intake Air / Cooling
  • TMDD0082  Fuel System
  • TMDD0083  EGR / Exhaust / Aftertreatment
  • TMDD0084  Troubleshooting

This is a great item to install on your computer to provide you with all of the service and electronic diagnostic information. Why pay almost $1,000 a year for Detroit’s Power Service Literature when you can get all of that information for life with no yearly renewal costs.

This CD-ROM contains all of the information that comes with the printed version, the only difference is that this comes on a disc instead of in a book.


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