Detroit DD13 / DD15 Engine/Intake Air/Cooling System Service Manual


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Why risk a failed repair? Why not use official factory information? With this
factory manual you can be sure that you’re getting the correct information. Is it worth taking the chance?

Factory printed manual.  OEM factory DDEC 13 / 15 service manual covering the engine, intake air system & cooling system.

DD13/15/16 Engine

EPA07 / EPA10 / GHG14 DD Platform

Engine / Air / Cooling / Lubrication System Manual

  • Rocker Cover / Camshaft Housing
  • Camshaft & Rocker Shaft / Engine Brake Assy
  • Camshaft Timing / Gear Train and Engine Timing
  • Coolant Crossover Pipe / Water Manifold Assy
  • Charge Air Pipe / Air Intake Manifold
  • Turbocharger / EGR
  • Wastegate Solenoid / Axial Power Turbine & Turbine Gear Box
  • Cylinder Head / Intake & Exhaust Valves & Valve Springs
  • Piston,  Cylinder Liner & Connecting Rod Assy
  • Crankshaft / Crankshaft Oil Seals / Front Cover
  • Lube System, Oil Pan, Oil Pump, Suction Tube & Oil Lines, Oil Level & Temp Sensor, Oil Dipstick Tube
  • Crankcase Breather
  • Oil Filter
  • Oil Coolant Module, Oil Cooler & Oil Thermostat
  • Cooling System, Water Pump, Thermostat, Filter, Etc.
  • Flywheel, Vibration Damper & Related Parts
  • Engine & Radiator Mounts
  • Drive Belt System / Air Compressor / Compressor Unloader
  • Engine Block
  • Clutch & Pilot Bearing
  • Engine Wire Harness (layout)

Manufacturer may make chages w/o prior notice

Detroit Diesel DD13 / DD15 Engine/Intake Air/Cooling System Service Manual

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