Cummins ISX / Signature (CM870) Electronic Control System Manual


Print version. OEM factory Cummins ISX, Signature & CM870 electronic control system manual. Cover fuel control system, fault code diagnostics and more.

Factory printed Cummins ISX / Signature (CM870) Electronic Control System Manual.  Factory Cummins electronic control system manual.  Covers fuel control system, fault code diagnostics, engine management and more. Diagnostic procedure list walks the technician through the complete fault code diagnostic & repair procedure.


ISX & Signature

Control Module:


  • Introduction
  • Engine Identification
  • Familiarization
  • Troubleshooting Symptoms (including new format)
  • Troubleshooting Steps
  • Electronic Engine Controls
  • Specifications
  • Pin Locations
  • Volt / Ohm Readings
  • Fault Code list
  • Diagnostic Procedures & Repair (730+ pages)

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Manuals normally ship out within 24 hours.


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