Caterpillar C10 & C12 Electronic Troubleshooting Manual (8YS, 9NS)


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Factory printed CAT C10 and CAT C12 engine electronic troubleshooting manual.  Includes fault codes & wire diagrams.  Helps reduce diagnostic times for your electronic diagnostics.  Whether you need to chase fault codes, perform diagnostic functional testing, view wire diagrams for a specific device, or a multitude of other diagnostic needs, this surely is the best manual to fit your needs.

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  • Engines: CAT C10 & C12
  • Engine Serial Number Prefix: 8YS and 9NS


  • Electronic troubleshooting
  • System Overview
  • ECM Replacement
  • Sensors & Electrical Connectors
  • Programming Parameters
  • Dyno Mode
  • Test ECM Mode
  • Customer Passwords
  • ECM Date/Time Stamped Info
  • ECM Snapshot
  • Factory Passwords
  • Flash Programming
  • Service Info Report
  • Customer Specified Parameters
  • Customer Specified Parameters, Table & Worksheet
  • Cruise Control
  • Data Link
  • Dedicated PTO Parameters
  • Driver Reward Parameters
  • ECM ID Parameters
  • Engine/Gear Parameters
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Idle Parameters
  • Input Selections
  • Maintenance Parameters
  • Output Selections
  • Security Access Parameters
  • Selected Engine Rating
  • Smart Idle Parameters
  • Timer Parameters
  • Trip Parameters
  • Vehicle Activity Report Parameters
  • Vehicle Speed Parameters
  • System Configuration Parameters
  • Troubleshooting w/o diagnostic code
  • Cannot Reach Top Engine RPM
  • Cannot Reach Vehicle Speed Limit
  • Check Engine Lamp or Warning Lamp Inoperative
  • Cooling Fan Always On
  • Cruise Control, Idle or PTO Cannot Be Set
  • Driver Questionnaire & Response
  • ECM Won’t Accept Factory Passwords
  • Electronic Service Tool Won’t Communicate With ECM
  • Engine Cranks But No Start
  • Engine Misfires, Runs Rough or is Unstable
  • Engine Brake Won’t Turn On
  • Engine Vibration
  • Engine Won’t Crank
  • Excessive Black Smoke
  • Excessive Fuel Consumption
  • Excessive White Smoke
  • Intermittent Cruise Control, Idle or PTO Kickout
  • Intermittent Low Power or Power Cut Out
  • Low Power, Poor or No Throttle Response
  • Poor Acceleration or Response
  • Troubleshooting w/ diagnostic code
  • All Engine Related Fault Codes
  • Diagnostic functional tests
  • 5 Volt Engine Pressure Sensor Supply Circuit Test
  • Throttle Sensor Circuit Test
  • Air Inlet Shutoff Circuit Test
  • Data Link Circuit Test
  • Aux. Brake Circuit Test
  • Check Engine Lamp Circuit Test
  • Clutch Pedal Position Switch Test
  • Coolant Level Sensor Test
  • Cooling Fan Circuit & AC High Pressure Switch Test
  • Cruise Control Switch Test
  • Diagnostic Enable Switch Circuit Test
  • Eaton Top 2 Transmission Circuit  Test
  • ECM Memory Test
  • Electrical Connectors Inspect
  • Engine Coolant Diverter Circuit Test
  • Engine Pressure Sensor Open / Short Circuit  Test
  • Engine Running Output Circuit Test
  • Engine Shutdown Output Test
  • Engine Speed / Timing Sensor Circuit Test
  • Engine Temperature Sensor Open / Short Circuit Test
  • Fan Override Switch Circuit Test
  • Idle Shutdown Timer Test
  • Ignition Key Switch & Battery Supply Circuit Test
  • Ignore Brake / Clutch Circuit Test
  • Injector Solenoid Circuit Test
  • Intake Valve Actuation System Oil Pressure Circuit Test
  • Intake Valve Actuator & Response Circuit Test
  • Multi-Torque Test
  • Neutral Switch Circuit Test
  • Powertrain Data Link Circuit Test
  • PTO Engine RPM Set Speed Circuit Test
  • PRO Shutdown Timer Test
  • PTO Switch Circuit Test
  • PRO  Switch ON Lamp Circuit Test
  • Remote PTO Accelerator Position Sensor Circuit Test
  • Compression Brake Solenoid Circuit Test
  • Service Brake Pedal Position Circuit Test (both circuits)
  • Starting Aid Output & Switch Circuit Test
  • Tachometer Circuit Test
  • Torque Limit Switch Circuit Test
  • 2 Speed Axle Switch Circuit Test
  • Vehicle Speedometer Circuit Test
  • Warning Lamp Circuit Test
  • Calibration procedures
  • Engine Speed / Timing Sensor Calibration
  • Injector Code Calibration
  • Vehicle Speed Circuit Calibration

Can be used with or without the use of Cat ET, Pro-Link or other scan tools.  While the proper scan equipment will speed diagnostic times, much testing can still be performed using only a multi-meter.

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