Bendix ABS Truck-Tractor Remote Diagnostic Unit


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The Bendix® RDU™ (Remote Diagnostic Unit) is a diagnostic tool providing the technician with a visual indication of Antilock Braking System (ABS) component Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) information. The RDU™ unit can be used on Bendix® ABS-equipped:

  • Semi-tractors
  • Straight trucks
  • Coaches
  • Buses

Additionally, the RDU™ unit provides a method for clearing the ABS component diagnostic trouble codes from Bendix® ABS controllers and allows the technician to selfconfigure the ABS ECU on Bendix®:

EC-17™ ABS Controller ECUs

EC-30™ ABS controller ECUs

EC-60™ ABS controller ECUs

The RDU™ unit is specifically designed for use with Bendix® ABS and Bendix makes no claims for its operation and/or usability with other brands of ABS systems.


The RDU™ remote diagnostic unit attaches to the 9 pin diagnostic connector in the cab of the vehicle. An adapter cable is available to connect the RDU™ tool to vehicles with a 6-pin diagnostic connector.

The RDU™ tool allows the technician to:

* Troubleshoot ABS system component problems using Diagnostic Trouble Code reporting via RDU LEDs

* Reset Diagnostic Trouble Codes on Bendix® ABS ECUs

* Enter the Self-Configuration Mode used by Bendix® ABS ECUs

This unit can be carried at all times since it’s only about the size of a pre-1990 flasher unit.


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