Bendix ABS Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit


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The Bendix® TRDU™ (Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit) is a diagnostic tool providing the technician with a visual indication of component Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) information from Bendix® Antilock Brake Systems (ABS) for trailers.

The TRDU™ unit communicates across PLC4Trucks supporting common diagnostic messages. Additionally, the Bendix® TRDU™ provides:

  • Odometer mileage readout
  • A method for clearing the ABS component Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Allows the user to self-configure the ABS ECU configuration on Bendix® TABS-6
  • MC-30™ with PLC ECUs
  • Clears most A‑18™ ABS with PLC ECUs (in this case, certain sensor DTCs require the vehicle to be driven).

The TRDU™ unit is specifically designed for use with Bendix® ABS and although Bendix has included some competitive support, based on reading some standard diagnostic messages, Bendix makes no claims for its operation and/or usability with other brands of ABS systems.

This unit is approximately the size of a pre-1990 flasher unit, so it’s easily carried at all times.

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