2004-2006 Ford 6.0 Engine Service Manual


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Factory printed manual.  OEM factory engine service manual.  This manual covers all factory required info for torques, maintenance, troubleshooting, repair & overhaul of this engine.

For serial number 112360 & up (Ford 6.0 liter or Navistar VT-365 engine only)

This manual is printed by Navistar and can be used in either engine listed below.

Engine(s): Ford 6.0 liter & Navistar VT-365
Model Years: 2004-2006


  • Mounting engine on stand
  • Manifolds
  • Cylinder heads & valves
  • Valve train, camshaft, hydraulic valve lifters & push rods
  • Connecting rods, pistons, liners & rings
  • Crankshaft, main bearings, flywheel and crankcase
  • Water pump and thermostat
  • Oil pump, oil filter and oil cooler
  • Injection pump, nozzles, fuel filter, supply pump and glow plugs
  • Specifications including torque specs & valve adjust specs

Note: This is a mechanical service, repair & overhaul manual only; it includes the factory required torque specifications. It does not cover any electrical or electronic diagnostics or repair.

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