2002-2006 Ford 6.0 Liter Diesel Diagnostic Manual


Print version. Printed by IHC to cover Ford 6.0 electronic diagnostics & engine management systems. Factory IHC/Ford manual.

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Factory printed manual.  Printed by Navistar to cover Navistar & Ford 6.0 electronic diagnostics & engine management systems.

  • Model years: 2004-2006
  • Engine serial numbers: 112360 & up


Diagnostic Troubleshooting Manual Contents

· Engine Systems

· Engine Identification

· Air Management Systems
· Fuel Management System
· Fuel Supply System
· Engine Lubrication System
· Engine Cooling System
· Electronic Control System
· Engine & Vehicle Sensors & Switches
· Intake Throttle Valve
· Diamond Logic Brake System
· Engine & Vehicle Features
· Standard Features
· Optional Features
· Diagnostic Software Operation
· Electronic Service Tool Diagnostics
· Communications
· DTC’s
· Session Files
· Snapshots
· Diagnostic Tests
· Reset Engine Change Oil Message
· General Info
· Engine Symptoms Diagnostics
· Coolant System Diagnostics(EGR cooler, injector sleeve inspection, etc)
· Fuel System Diagnostics
· Lubrication System Diagnostics
· Hard Start & No Start Diagnostics
· Required Test Procedures
· Special Test Procedures (ECM, IAH, Fuel System, ICP)
· Performance Diagnostics
· Test Procedures
Ø Visual Inspection
Ø Fuel System
Ø Sensors
Ø DTCs & ECM Calibration
Ø KOEO Standard Test
Ø EGR Valve & ITV Operation
Ø KOEO Injector Test
Ø KOER Standard Test
Ø KOER Air Management Test (including VGT & actuator test)
Ø Torque Converter Stall
Ø Road Test
Ø Injector Disable
Ø Relative Compression
Ø Crankcase Pressure
Ø Intake Restriction
Ø Injection Control Pressure Tests
Ø Valve & Engine Brake Lash
· Electronic Control System Diagnostics (230 + pages)
· Sensor & Actuator Locations
· Diagnostic Procedure Process
· Circuit Diagnostics
· Diagnostic Tools & Accessories
· Performance specifications

· Diagnostic Trouble Code Index


Manufacturer may make changes without prior notice

2002-2006 Ford 6.0 Liter Diesel Diagnostic Manual


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