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1992-2015 Navistar Service Manual Set (on flash drive)
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 This is an exceptional value for any shop that wants OEM factory service manuals but needs to conserve shelf space.  Covers multiple years (1992 to present) & all models of Navistar trucks & busses.  This thumb drive includes set-up instructions & covers much information that is no longer available in print form.  The Navistar service manuals that have been printed from 1992 to present are installed onto this thumb drive.  It saves you thousands of dollars & a great amount of bookshelf space.  

Coverage includes:

  • Engine (mechanical)
  • Engine (diagnostics & engine management)
  • Wire Diagrams / Electrical System
  • Chassis (drivetrain, axles, brakes, lighting, cab, instrument panel, heater/AC, etc.)

This is the same manual that is used by the factory & dealer technicians.

Partial list of included manuals:

TMEG1052          530 and DT-466/408 Diesel Engine Service (1994)

E110                     530 and DT-466/408 Diesel Engine Diagnostics (1993)

TMEG145            DT-466E and 530E Diesel Engine Diagnostics (1995)

TMEG4153          DT/DTA-466 Diesel Engine Service (1990)

E450                     DT/DTI-466 A and B Series DT/DTI/DTA-466 C Diesel Engine Diagnostics (1993)

TMEG1602          DT-466E and 530E Diesel Engine Service (1995 through 1999)

TMEG1751          DT-466E and 530E Diesel Engine Diagnostics, Model Years 1999-2000

TMEG215            DT 466 / DT 530 Engine Diagnostic Manual for 4000 Series Trucks (2001)

TMEG2652          DT 466, DT 570 and HT 570 Engine Service Manual - 2004-2006 Emissions with EGR

TMEG270            DT 466 / DT 570 / HT 570 Diesel Engine Diagnostic Manual - 2004-2006 w/ EGR

TMEG2101          DT 466E, DT 466, DT 530, DT 530E, and HT 530 Diesel Engines (2000-2004)

TMEG3701          MaxxForce DT, 9 & 10 Diagnostic Manual 2007-2008

TMEG3351          MaxxForce DT, 9 & 10 Engine Service Manual 2007-2008

TMEG4201          MaxxForce 11 & 13 Diagnostic Manual 2008-2009

TMEG455X          MaxxForce DT, 9 & 10 Diagnostic Manual 2010 & newer

TMEG4151          MaxxForce 11 & 13 Engine Service Manual

TMEG450X          MaxxForce DT, 9 & 10 Engine Service Manual

TMEG1251          T444 Diagnostic Manual 1993-1997

TMEG1201          T444 Engine Service Manual 1993-1997

TMEG190            T444 Diagnostic Manual 1997-2003

TMEG205            T444 Engine Service Manual 1997-2003

TMEG240            VT365 Diagnostic Manual 2002-2006

TMEG2352          VT365 Engine Service Manual 2002-2003

TMEG2952          VT365 Engine Service Manual 2004-2006

TMEG3501          MaxxForce 7 Diagnostic Manual 2007-2009

TMEG345            MaxxForce7 Engine Service Manual 2007-2009

TMEG480            MaxxForce 7 Engine Service Manual 2010 & newer

TMEG3051          VT-275 Diagnostic Manual 2005-2006

TMEG3001          VT-275 Engine Service Manual 2005-2006

TMEG395            MaxxForce 5 Diagnostic Manual 2007-2009

TMEG390            MaxxForce 5 Engine Service Manual 2007-2009)


Plus                       Wire diagrams, signal values, fault codes, service bulletins

Plus                       Service coverage for axles, brakes, hydraulic ABS, transmissions, drivelines, frame, body/cab, electrical, interior, glass

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1992-2015 Navistar Service Manual Set